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General Info
Starship Farragut has chosen to remain true to the original series 4:3 aspect ratio for animated episodes. But, regular episodes and vignettes use the 16:9 aspect ratio. Files marked "HD" have a 1920x1280 (1280P) pixel ratio. DivX and all other files marked "hi" have a pixel ratio of 640x480 if they have a 4:3 aspect ratio or 720x406 if they have a 16x9 aspect ratio. DVD ISO files all have a pixel width of 720 but height depends on whether the ISO file is in NTSC format (like in North America) or PAL format (like Europe, Australia, etc.). Likewise, VCD MPEG1 files all have a pixel width of 352 but height depends on whether the MPG file is in NTSC format or PAL format. Files marked "med" will have a pixel width of 428 and files marked "lo" will have a pixel width of 212 - heights depending on aspect ratio. All NTSC DVD ISO files are "official" files, downloaded direct from project servers and reuploaded to my space without ANY modification on my part. They include menus and possibly special features. All other files have been transcoded by me and do not include menus or special features. So, if you have a complaint about any of the files you download, be sure you complain to the right person (grin).

One note. In episodes where an HD MP4 file is available, there will be no "hi" MP4 available.

What are "parts" files?
Today, many of us are blessed by "always-on" broadband connections. But true "high-speed" broadband is still far from a universal situation. Some of us have broadband connection speeds politely defined as "marginal." And some of us still have dialup connections. For the latter two categories of people, downloading a large file can be a pain.

On my mirror, I do not use compression utilities like ZIP or RAR. Not all operating systems are friendly to compression. So, if a file is less than 210-megs in size, you can only download it in its root format (ie., AVI, MKV, MP4, ISO, WMV, RM, etc.). But if the file is over 210-megs, you have a choice. You can download the large file ... or you can download the same file split into 100-meg parts, rejoining the parts into the complete file later at your leisure with a multi-platform freeware Java-based utility called HJsplit. It's only 137k in size, is a standalone utility that doesn't have to be "installed," and is simple to use. Just download it to your desktop and double-click on the icon to open it. If you have Java installed on your system (and who doesn't), it will work.

Just a brief note. HJsplit is not a compression utility. It merely chops a file into parts which, together, are roughly the same size as the root file.

Final Important Note
Starship Farragut is a fanfilm project. No profit, direct or indirect, is generated from this endeavor. It is for this reason that CBS, Viacom, and Paramount have allowed Trek-related fanfilm projects to exist. All files on this site are free for you to download, watch, and even share with friends. But you must never sell these files or even trade them for financial consideration. To do so would bring down the wrath of the trademark & copyright holders ... wrath that could affect all such projects (not just Farragut). In a word, DON'T!

If you have knowledge of anyone selling DVDs of these episodes, visit THIS PAGE and send a message to the producer.

J. Alec West (your mirror host)

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